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About us

The "We Show Heart Community" is a non-profit organisation and an independent and free platform where every person with a heart, whether an individual or an entrepreneur, can do good without investing time or donating money. We are committed to local and national projects of all topics and allow every member to vote for the donation project of their choice.

  • Children and Youth Aid
  • Emergency and disaster relief
  • Illness and disability
  • Environment and nature conservation
  • Culture and preservation of historical monuments
  • Animal Welfare
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One in five children lives in poverty in Germany alone

Every fourth animal shelter in Germany alone is facing closure


We all have one big goal. We want to become the largest non-profit donation platform of this new generation. We can only do this thanks to your help and through interesting partner programmes of companies with the biggest online shops. In the past few years, the turnover of these companies has risen continuously and most recently amounted to around 86.7 billion euros.

The 100 online shops with the highest turnover in Germany had a turnover of around 58 billion euros in 2021. Only together are we strong? In a nutshell, we will make life more liveable for many. To achieve this, it only takes 2 simple steps. You can find them under "Do good now". From now on, you too can be the reason why someone smiles, and not just today.

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Become a Heart Ambassador for our We Show Heart Community. You have the power to make a big difference. Invite everyone to get involved for free. Together you can move the world in a different direction and do a lot of good in a sustainable way. If you forward our video "Doing good without investing time and money" to everyone you know, you can include our logo "And we are with you" on your website. In addition, you get the privilege to present yourself on our website as a heart ambassador.

This logo stands for child welfare and children's rights. To enable people in need to survive in the short and medium term. To help seriously ill people or people with a disability. To safeguard the lives and well-being of animals. To fight for the protection of our nature and environment - so that the earth remains habitable for all of us. Preserving and repairing cultural monuments. To fight for the integrity of sport and to highlight its importance for peaceful and social coexistence in our society.


The gUG pursues a charitable, benevolent or ecclesiastical corporate purpose. In the case of the gUG, 75 per cent of the profits must benefit the charitable purpose. The other 25 per cent is used to build up the share capital in order to convert the gUG into a non-profit GmbH.
No. We do not accept donations of any kind. We work mainly through referral commissions from affiliate programs. If you would like to donate money, please contact our partner Betterplace.org.
Partner programmes/affiliate systems are based on the principle of referral commission. The technical basis in the virtual world of the World Wide Web is the affiliate link. This contains a special code that uniquely identifies the affiliate, i.e. our We Show Heart Community, with the merchant. If a user now visits our app or website, he or she will be made aware of various affiliate programmes of many interesting companies. If you now click on the link of one of these providers, you will be redirected to the corresponding online shop. If you then make a purchase in the online shop, this purchase is added to our We Show Heart Community and we receive a small referral commission. But only if a transaction has actually taken place.
Unfortunately, yes. One company can set up a partner program for several countries or only for a single country. Therefore, if someone from Switzerland orders something, he can only do so under the partner program of his home country, provided that there is a partner program there. If someone from Switzerland orders something from an affiliate program in Germany, there will be no referral commission and no money we can donate. If you order online, please click on your home country in advance. An exception applies to partner programs worldwide. For these orders, it does not matter from which home country you come.

Unfortunately, yes. Although we are a non-profit organization. But it is not only companies that refuse us. Many companies have their partner program managed by an agency. The reasons for the rejections are as follows.

1. Website does not complement the brand of the company

2. Company does not work with this type

3. URL is not relevant to the company

4. We are very choosy about cooperation

5. We are only interested in companies with high sales figures

Here at our company we are concerned with children in poverty, animals in need and other important aid projects. For us, these reasons are incomprehensible and an absolute indictment.

No. You can check this at any time with all partner programmes. First, simply click on the desired link of an affiliate programme in our app or on our website, www.wirzeigenherz.eu. Next, simply search for the desired product and note the purchase price. Then open another browser and search Google for this online shop and the same product. Now compare the two purchase prices and you will see that there is no difference.
Please only use the links from our partner programmes if you order online. You will only find these in our mobile app and website, www.wirzeigenherz.eu. This is the only way to generate income from donations.
Nein. Wir erhalten nur die Info über die Höhe der Empfehlungsprovisionen.
No. You just click on the link of the desired online store. Then you will be taken directly to the website of the desired online store. Only here you have to register if necessary, or if you are already a customer there simply log in. With us you do not have to register, let alone enter any access data.
No. As a non-profit organisation, we do not have to pay taxes on the income. This allows us to invest the entire income minus the costs in the donation projects.
Yes. Otherwise, we would lose our status as a non-profit organisation. Furthermore, we would also have to pay back all tax relief retroactively.

Sie wählen ein oder mehrere Projekte aus. Alle aktuellen Projekte stammen von der Spendenplattform betterplace.org. Klicken Sie einfach auf „Online Einkaufen“ und kaufen Sie wie üblich ein. Die so generierten Spenden landen alle 14 Tage bei uns und werden danach prozentual, nach Anzahl der getätigten Einkäufe ausbezahlt.

Without administrative costs, an organization cannot function. But what are administration costs? In the sense of using funds in accordance with the statutes, administrative costs are all expenses that do not directly benefit the tax-privileged purposes, but arise from the general functioning of the organization. This includes possible rent, staff, office and communication costs, travel costs or advertising expenses. To receive the DZI donation seal, an organization's advertising and administrative expenses must not exceed 30 percent of its total annual expenses, and we adhere to these guidelines.

Anyone who recommends us can use our logo “And we are there” without asking. Simply copy the following link and paste it into your browser bar to download.


Betterplace.org is Germany's largest donation platform. One hundred twenty corporate partners have been doing good for 14 years. As of today, Betterplace.org has launched 47,262 projects in 185 countries and collected approximately €198 million in donations. Betterplace.org is a non-profit and does not work for a profit. Transparency is one of the basic ideas of Betterplace.org. Therefore, all social projects that collect donations through Betterplace.org are encouraged to tell the community how these donations are used.


Make a difference now with your online purchase and be why someone is smiling, not just today.